May 15, 2008

Consider This

Consider the classroom of tomorrow. That place where students come not just to gain, but to consolidate their gains. That room with no barriers, no boundaries, no limits. That place of infinite height and depth, unlimited reach and unhindered access. A space with many addresses, many cultures, many views. A place where success is honored, and failure is embraced. Where creativity is rewarded, where collaborations are built, where teams are celebrated.

There are no time limits there, no restrictions, or walls. Ideas are welcome, voices are heard, friends are cherished, connections are nourished. This is the classroom of tomorrow, the "open" classroom, and it's time to start building it today.


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  1. Students need the opportunity to construct their learning.Teachers need to have the "courage to allow students to have a global voice while students need to learn to work with people who are not in the room". Alan November (5/2008)

  2. I tried to watch but the link is outdated already. ;(

  3. Good for reflection. I have to agree that NCLB is having the mentioned side effect of crushing local creativity. In striving to do nothing but meet the standards, we've forgotten that public education was established as a fundamental part of democracy. How will our democracy fare when its citizens lack the ability to question, challenge, cooperate, and solve problems? It will be a democracy in name only where the people of the country work as automatons, going to work each day, relying on media to tell them what they think, and forgetting that they have a responsibility to hold their leaders accountable for their actions. Oh sounds like we might already be there.

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