Nov 21, 2009
I've given a number of presentations lately around the general theme of "Rethinking Laptops and Learning". For those who haven't been able to attend (and even some of those that were) below is a compilation of links to related information and resources.

SaugusUSD SWATTEC Project:
Saugus Linux on Netbooks (now the ubermix project):
Saugus K12 Social Networking Resources:
K12 Social Networking Presentation at Harvard:

Blog Posts and Commentary:
When do Laptops Become School Supplies? (Jim Klein)
Netbooks and Open-source: Rethinking Laptops and Learning? (Jim Klein):
Linux on Netbooks and Whiskers on Kittens (Karl Fisch)
Transitioning to 1:1 Netbook via BYOL (Wes Fryer)
The Value of Comment Moderation and Feedback... (Wes Fryer)
Quit Substituting Expensive EdTech Gadgets for the "Real Deal" (John Patten)

Key Open Source Projects:
The OpenDisc -
Elgg Open Source Social Engine -
Ubuntu Linux:
iTalc Project -

K12 Open Source Resources:
CoSN K12 Open Technologies Initiative:
Jim Klein's Open Source Pages:
K12 Open Source Help (Contractor):

Great Netbooks for Linux:
Asus EeePC:
Acer AspireOne:
Dell Mini:


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