Oct 14, 2008
Today, I look forward to my presentation on open technologies at the CUE/FETC Innovative Learning Conference, entitled "The Value of Open Technologies." Rather than trying to fly up a pile of resources, I am posting the materials here for those in attendance (and even those who aren't but are interested.)

The first is a document I wrote about open technologies in general. This is a great resource to hand to administrators and other educational leaders to help them understand why these technologies are important.

Open Technologies In Education application/pdf

The second is what I call my "short list" of open source applications which I believe are worthy of your consideration.

Open Source Short List application/pdf

And finally, a listing of the great open source applications on the Open Disc, which is a fantastic resource for teachers and students.

OpenDisc Programs application/pdf


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  1. It is possible to install just the drawing program from OpenOffice, but I confess I've never done it myself on anything but a Linux box. I think Wesnoth has both elements, but am not sure. Have you tried it? It's on the OpenDisc

  2. Thanks, Jim. Some of these weren't on my radar. I'm going to try out Inkscape. GIMP is a little difficult for me for some reason. My past experience has been with Photoshop 6. I can get by with GIMP but I definitely need a tutorial book if I'm going to get better with it. Is the drawing package for Open Office standalone or does it require Open Office? I liked the influence of Australian programmers on the "maths" programs too btw ;) In the games section, not that it matters much, but "The Battle for Wesnoth" is listed in the description as turn -based and on the left hand side as real-time. For gamers, those are antonyms. Have a great time at the conference!

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